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The safest place on the internet

Sync, backup and share your files from anywhere, anytime - with military-grade encryption and zero-knowledge privacy.

From €2,99/month or €289 one time

From €289 | $349

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The world's first
distributed cloud
A distributed data center
invulnerable to attacks
Active in
70+ countries
Over 120M
P2P connections
Zero files lost,
over 20M protected
+10M raised in funding

“All I want for Xmax is data privacy”
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Enjoy absolute privacy.

Other services share your data with third parties, make money out of it, and are always breached.

With Cubbit, nobody can access your files without your permission - not even us.

Cubbit protects your files with military-grade encryption, splits them into pieces and safely distributes them over the network of Cubbit Cells through end-to-end encrypted channels.

As easy as it should be.

We have crafted Cubbit to make your experience smooth and personal.

Backup, sync and share your files seamlessly. Share links, either public or private.

Like magic.

Make your files disaster-proof

Data centers burn. Hard disks fail. USB drives get lost.
On Cubbit, none of that happens.

In fact, it cannot happen.

You can always access your Cubbit files. You’ll never lose a file again.

Anywhere. Anytime. Anyway.

Cubbit is available as a desktop application for Windows, MacOS and Linux and on any browser via our Web App.
Mobile applications for iOS and Android are coming soon.

Get Cubbit and secure all your files

Try now Cubbit Cloud from €2,99/month or order your Cubbit Cell for a one-time payment.

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Cubbit combines the privacy of a NAS
with the ease of use of Dropbox and Google Drive.

No monthly fees (Cell only)
Remote access
Zero-knowledge encryption
Expandable via hard drive up to +3TB (Cell only)

Trusted by 5,000+ customers and businesses in 70+ countries

66 reviews

I'm very passionate about photography. However, while hard drives can easily break or stop working, Cubbit offered me enough storage space to save everything without worrying about quality


Cubbit zero-knowledge and p2p redundancy made my day: I can't lose my data anymore, neither a catastrophe nor a hacker attack makes me worry anymore!


People are very likely to take out multiple subscriptions to services that may seem inexpensive at first, but quickly add up. Cubbit’s one-time fee finally frees me and my colleagues from this burden


Personal Cloud allows to store data in a secure and private place, but setting it up is not easy. Cubbit solves this problem: an encrypted cloud combined with the ease of use of popular cloud storage solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive


Cubbit zero-knowledge technology allows me to backup all my sensitive data in a secure offsite location, which guarantees disaster proofing thanks to the distributed p2p architecture. I'm trying to get all my friends and family to use it!


I needed an end-to-end encrypted cloud storage to collaborate in a safe environment and to backup big projects. Cubbit allows me to do this on a daily basis without ever having to worry about security and privacy issues. Great product and super friendly customer service

MM Svendsen

I believe in the idea of a decentralized internet, as it was originally conceived. Cubbit is not perfect yet but it is a very promising technology.

Jennifer G

I used a home NAS. When it breaks, it is really easy to lose files. I travel a lot so I'm not always able to repair the NAS personally. If I need to replace the Cubbit Cell, I won't lose my files


The legal world needs to share files and resources with clients and internally, securely. This is a context where the needs around files make the use of tools like Cubbit essential.

BNA & Associati

Gadget Sidekick - 90K subscribers

"I was able to download a file despite my Cubbit Cell being offline. This is a great advantage of Cubbit over NAS storage. With NAS storage, if the device goes offline, you cannot access any file."

OverVolt - 149K subscribers

"A personal cloud that is safe both from being spied on by the outside world and from cataclysms that may occur in my home."

Gianluca Bocci - 69K subscribers

"Encryption, Redundancy, Distribution. Even if half the internet blows up I can still access my data. Cubbit is truly immortal!"

Cubbit is guaranteeing the highest level of privacy by design, and without making use of expensive and polluting data centers.
Cubbit being a distributed data center is invulnerable to localized attacks
With its distributed model, Cubbit aims to offer increased security and potentially less environmental waste for a lower cost
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