The private photo storage you only pay once.

Keep your photo safe in total privacy. Access and share them from anywhere, whatever happens.

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The world's first
distributed cloud.
A distributed data center
invulnerable to attacks
Cubbit's p2p network
challenges the cloud

Install your private cloud in seconds

Connect your Cubbit Cell to your router and get 1TB of cloud storage immediately.

To use Cubbit you just need to sign up and you’re good to go.

It’s that easy.

No hidden costs.
No monthly fees.

With Cubbit you pay once, with them you pay forever. Why should you even pay to access your own data?

5 years as a Dropbox customer will cost you as much as 600 dollars, and you are on rent. With Cubbit you own your data and the Cell pays for itself.

Anywhere. Anytime. Anyway.

You can always access your files, on all devices - even if your Cubbit Cell goes offline for any reason.

Cubbit is available as a desktop application for Windows 10, MacOS High Sierra and newer, Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Elementary, or other Debian-based) – and on any browser via our Web App. Mobile applications for iOS and Android are coming soon.

Enjoy absolute privacy.

Other services share your data with third parties, make money out of it, and are always breached.

With Cubbit, nobody can access your files without your permission - not even us.

Cubbit protects your files with military-grade encryption, splits them into pieces and safely distributes them over the network of Cubbit Cells through end-to-end encrypted channels.

As easy as it should be.

We crafted Cubbit to make your memories last forever.
Backup, sync and share your photo seamlessly.

Share links, either public or private.

Order your Cell and try Cubbit risk-free for 30 days.

Free delivery, free return and full refund if it’s not for you.

Order and Try Cubbit Risk-Free

Cubbit combines the privacy of a NAS
with the ease of use of Dropbox and Google Drive.

No monthly fees
Remote access
Zero-knowledge encryption
Expandable up to 4TB (soon)

What people say

I am very interested in seeing distributed technology make its way to the market, and I have been looking for a storage solution for a few months now. I was going to go for a NAS but with Cubbit I saved money and time with RAID configuration. And the idea of creating a distributed p2p backup is brilliant!

Thomas - IT Professional

I travel a lot and I’m always afraid of losing or breaking my external hard drives. Thanks to Cubbit I finally got rid of them. Now I have all my content in one, secure place, accessible from anywhere.

Federico - Freelance Web Designer

I have been paying Dropbox Premium for almost 4 years which has cost me a lot of money over time. I can finally get rid of monthly subscriptions once I move all my files to Cubbit.So excited to be part of this community and I can’t wait to use the final version.

Natalia - Researcher

I have accumulated many photographs over the years and it would be a tragedy of major proportions to lose them. Cubbit is perfect for me since I can store all my pictures and videos with peace of mind. Awesome product and super easy to use.

Adrian - Retired and Amateur Photographers

Make your files disaster-proof

Data centers burn. Hard disks fail. USB drives get lost. On Cubbit, none of that happens.

In fact, it cannot happen.

You can always access your Cubbit files, even if your Cell goes offline or its entire memory is wiped out.

You’ll never lose a file again.

Turn your hard drives into Cloud

When you run out of space on other cloud services, you must pay for more. With Cubbit you can expand for free, turning your hard drives into extra cloud space.

10x greener than data centers.

Traditional cloud servers use data-centers which churn out millions of kg of CO2 every year. Cubbit’s distributed architecture doesn’t need data-centers to store and transfer files - which means 300 million kgs less CO2 per year (compared to traditional cloud servers).

Order your Cell and try Cubbit risk-free for 30 days.

Free delivery, free return and full refund if it’s not for you.

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  • 30-Day Trial with Free Return
  • 4-Year Warranty
Order and Try Cubbit Risk-Free


Why Cubbit

Our personal data, our identity, our memories, our work - they deserve better.

Storing our files on the cloud seems like the easiest solution, but it costs you one of the most valuable things: your privacy and personal information.

Together, we're setting the new standard for privacy and security on the cloud, enabling individuals to take full control of their data.

This is Cubbit, this is Swarm. Together, we've created the most private and secure cloud ever. Join us.

Any questions?

Get in touch. We're here to help you.

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Try for 30 days with free delivery, free return
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