Your Insurance Against File Loss

Store your memories in one unhackable location that is accessible from anywhere and compromised by nothing.

Enjoy Cubbit: the safest evolution of personal cloud.

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The world's first
distributed cloud
A distributed data center
invulnerable to attacks
Active in
70+ countries
Over 120M
P2P connections
Zero files lost,
over 7M protected
+3.3M raised
in funding

Personal clouds protect your privacy.
However, if you want the assurance to never lose your files, you should look elsewhere.

Personal Clouds are known to protect file’s privacy from undesired accesses being owned and controlled by its users.

If something unexpected happens or the device breaks down though your files will be gone, for good.

Cubbit gives you a simple solution to avoid just this!

Buy once,
no monthly subscriptions.
Plug in any hard drive
to expand  up to 4TB
Keep your data secure and safe.
Fault-tolerant & Outage-resistant.
Fast remote access & share of your files
from anywhere, anytime.
Protect your files with Zero-Knowledge Encryption
Easy to install & Easy to use
Personal Cloud
Secure offsite backup
Fast Remote Access
Zero-knowledge Encryption
Instant Upload (Soon)
Money-Back Guarantee Trial
Environmentally Friendly 

Order your Cell and try Cubbit for 30 days.

If you decide it’s not for you, we’ll issue a full refund and you can return your Cell for free.

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How Cubbit works

A network of Cubbit Cells

Cubbit made a disruptive technology to create a private, inviolable cloud environment by leveraging Cubbit Cells, a dedicated device for the Cubbit network able to run the software natively.

No monthly fees and complete privacy

Once connected, the Cell will allow you to securely access your private cloud space anywhere from desktop or web application without any monthly fees, ever.
In any case, no-one, not even Cubbit, can see what you have stored.

Your files cannot be lost

By encrypting, splitting, and distributing your files in the network with zero-knowledge cryptography, whatever happens to your device you will never lose your memories and you will remain their sole owner. What's more, your files are also redundant to assure you that once they're in Cubbit they're safe, forever.

Install your private cloud in 3 easy steps.

1. Connect your Cubbit Cell to your router

You'll get 512GB or 1TB of cloud storage immediately.

2. Plug in any external storage device

Your cloud space will increase by 50% of the attached storage, up to 4TB of cloud.

3. Sync, back up and share your files from anywhere on any device

Cubbit has native applications for Windows, MacOS, Linux and can be accessed on any browser on desktop and mobile via our Web App. Soon also available on Android and iOS applications.

What people say

I am very interested in seeing distributed technology make its way to the market, and I have been looking for a storage solution for a few months now. I was going to go for a NAS but with Cubbit I saved money and time with RAID configuration. And the idea of creating a distributed p2p backup is brilliant!

Thomas - IT Professional

I travel a lot and I’m always afraid of losing or breaking my external hard drives. Thanks to Cubbit I finally got rid of them. Now I have all my content in one, secure place, accessible from anywhere.

Federico - Freelance Web Designer

I have been paying Dropbox Premium for almost 4 years which has cost me a lot of money over time. I can finally get rid of monthly subscriptions once I move all my files to Cubbit.So excited to be part of this community and I can’t wait to use the final version.

Natalia - Researcher

I have accumulated many photographs over the years and it would be a tragedy of major proportions to lose them. Cubbit is perfect for me since I can store all my pictures and videos with peace of mind. Awesome product and super easy to use.

Adrian - Retired and Amateur Photographers

Order your Cell and try Cubbit for 30 days.

If you decide it’s not for you, we’ll issue a full refund and you can return your Cell for free.

  • Free returns
  • Free shipping
  • 4-year warranty
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