Everything you need to know about NAS vs Cloud Storage. Which is better?

Many people already have their data stored on NAS - making a complete migration to another drive cumbersome and slow. 
This is why so many now rely on both NAS and the cloud.
A key reason driving this decision is the fact that backing up the NAS to the cloud allows people to access data from wherever they are, and create an off-site backup copy at the same time. 
But this still the best solution? In this guide we’re going to explain how you could have the security of NAS and the comfort of the Cloud with the Cubbit cell, whatever your work is.

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  • Performance & Productivity: NAS vs Cloud Storage

  • Reliability: 50% of hard drives fail every five years (think about it!)

  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities: the importance of being protected by state-of-the-art encryption

  • Last, but not least: Pricing. You’re going to find out how much money you can save every year. Forever.

Do you know how to build your recovery plan with the 3-2-1 backup rule?

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